Koushiro Izumi (pineapplegenius) wrote in citywithnosky,
Koushiro Izumi


So, it seems like I'm not in the Digital World....

Or at home.

So where is this place? From what I've read in this book, it's the 'Marillian Spyre'. That's not really enough information. I suppose it was nice of them to give me some money, but how do I access it?

More importantly.... [looks up at the Golem floating around his head. It is oval-shaped, pale yellow, with bright black eyes.] I'm assuming this 'Golem' is a nice.... machine? That's sort of what it seems like. I guess it wouldn't be be right to write if off as not being a Digimon yet....

I suppose I should take this journal to mind and search for shelter. Does anyone know what's going on? [walks off, going to look around the area more. The golem follows behind him.]
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[Lightweight buzzes, breeching a connection to Koushiro's Golem. Projected in the eyes is the back of a young girl's head and a bit of her shoulder.]

-esponsible as any adult. Just ask around.

[picture dips and jogs against the head]


[the head turns and through a mess of bangs of dark-hairs, washed-out blank eyes gaze passively past the screen.]

Little busy here Lightweight.

[a series of beeps echo across the connection]

I don't need to record anything right now.

[the picture distorts as it zooms against the face]

What are you doing? Are you showing me something? Blind, remember? You- Wait. What's that sound? Is there somebody there? Hello?

[the picture reorients and through the mess of bangs, the expression settles into inquiry and confusion]
[turns as he hears a series of beeping noises coming from his Golem.]

Huh? What's....

[stops as he hears the the voice coming out of his Golem and sees the girl's face. He blinks, confused, but decided to speak.]

Hello? I don't know how this happened, but apparently my Golem connected me to you. Do you know what's going on?
[Toph's expression cools, an easy, confident smile working one corner of her mouth]

Whoa. These little guys are full of surprises.

Hi disembodied voice. I'm Toph. You just get here?
[Koushiro looks quickly at the girl, surprised because she looks even younger than him.]

Um, hello Toph. My name is Koushiro.... I'm not a disembodied voice. Yes, I just got here though. I'm assuming that you've been here for a little while?

[Sighs, because he's relieved that someone might be able to help him about with something, or at least give him some information.]
[In the viewscreen, Toph's arms cross and she tilts her head casually to one side, the smirk still in place]

You could say that. I'm guessing you just woke up next to a fountain?


9 years ago


9 years ago

[Mwahahaha. No golem helping out here. Instead, you get a vampire crashing into you the old-fashioned way.]

Ow... I'm sorry... Oh, hello. You're new?
[starts, because he wasn't expecting to get run into, but a relieved look crosses his face as he sees Seras.]

Ah, hello. Yes, my name's Koushiro. [bows slightly] I'm.... assuming you've been here awhile?
[here! Have an Amu. Her golem has connected with Koushiro's though Amu isn't really sure how, proabably due to the Shugo Chara's playing around.]

Ran! Miki! Suu! I told you to stop messing around with...

[notices the connection]

Oh! Um...hello?
Ah, hello. [blinks at the connection being made] I'm sorry to bother you, but do you have any idea what's going on?
You're new here too?

I don't really know much...aside from the fact that no one really knows how to get out of this place.
Of course. I'm not surprised at that.... it might be better than the Digital World though. Are they any monsters attacking people at random? Or have you ever heard of 'Digimon' or the 'Digidestined'?
Digimon? I don't think so. Is that some kind of video game?


9 years ago


9 years ago

...Digital world?
The Digital World is in a dimension connected to Earth, if it needs to be. Or, at least it was for us....

It's complicated to explain without a lot of previous knowledge, but I will for you, if you'd like.
Sure, why not? All I have is time in this place anyways.