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19 November 2008 @ 11:30 pm
Jeez, this place is some piece of work.

This is gonna sound stupid, but has anyone else lost memories or anything? It can't be just Ryo who's messed up that way.
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14 November 2008 @ 07:31 pm

Eh, you're recording, right? [Aile leans in, lightly tapping the golem with her finger]

Okay! Um. [a pause -Aile awkwardly scratches the side of her head, clearly thinking] So. This is Aile, Giro Express transporter, trying to reach the Guardians. I've been dumped off in this...cave? Or something like that, and there's a city here, but I can't figure out how to get back, as Transervers apparently don't exist here. Double Megamerge doesn't work right either with any Models other than X and Z – n-not that I already tried – and the rest of the Biometals are just hanging around nagging -hey, stop that! [an orange and white block suddenly bobs up in front of the golem, blocking Aile from sight] Model F! Get out of the way!

[Model F makes a disgruntled noise as it is grabbed and pulled out of the way, and wiggles in Aile's hold as it tries to escape] Let me go!

In a minute- anyway, if any of the Guardians are here, could you come find me? I'm getting a little freaked out. And I've got a half-finished job waiting for me back home.

...and even if you're not a Guardian, I'd appreciate some help. I'm a little lost as to what to do until I figure out how to get home. According to this thing [Aile indicates the journal she currently has tucked under one arm] I've got a bank account here? Weird. A place to stay would be nice too.

[Aile releases Model F as she leans in towards the golem again] So, how do I turn this off?

Hit it?

Not helping, F. Let's see-

[recording ends]

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14 November 2008 @ 05:55 pm
[Audio entry, backdated to yesterday, which is when the market would have taken place:]

I hear there's a market going on in the Square today. I want to go, I think it'll be fun~ I hear there are all sorts of things you can get there.

Hey, have people been entering in the job ballots? I'm a runner now! It'll be an interesting job, I think. I'll get to hear all sorts of gossip. [Pleasantly surprised with his new job and will enjoy it :D] Kuro-wan, did you get a job yet~?
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13 November 2008 @ 05:20 pm
[Journal entry]

Dear Diary,

So I appear to not be in Dusis anymore. I've spent the better part of an hour just trying to find Cesia and Kai-stern. And seeing as how I pretty much have nothing better to do, I'm going to write in this book that seems to like sparkling.

[And he's going to be doodling stick figures of himself killing demons]

[Accidental voice post]

[Sighs] Where are all the demons?
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11 November 2008 @ 01:34 pm
((Video post for the masses! :D))

Ugh, what a horrible dream. [Here gaiz, have a frustrated Franziska von Karma, rubbing her head as she sits up to face the day.] I should get a new mattress, this one feels like the...
...Why am I sleeping on the ground? >_>
[At this point, a small, purple and green sphere the size of a pork bun decides to perch on her head. It has icy blue eyes and glittering wings, with what appears to be a peacock feather for a tail. Franziska, taken aback, shakes her head, trying to dislodge the creature.]
Get off! What is this place?!
[Quickly rising to her feet, the prosecutor tightens her grip on her whip, ignoring the book that has fallen to the ground before her.]
Someone give me some answers!

[It was a moment before Franziska noticed the book at her feet. Still swatting at the golem floating around her head, the blue-haired girl knelt and plucked it from the ground, brushing dirt from the cover with one black-gloved hand.]

Maybe this scruffy thing can tell me something.

[Here, she starts flipping absently through the pages. The feeling that this was all a ridiculous farce only continued to grow in Franziska's mind as she read the book's contents.]

What foolishly foolish fool wrote this? And where, exactly, AM I?

[Biting back an irritated groan, the prosecutor sank back onto the street curb, resting her elbows on her knees and her head in her hands. It was all too much to absorb at one time. She had no idea where she was, how she'd gotten there, or the fate of anyone she knew.
Frowning, Franziska mentally retraced her steps. She'd thrown out her whip and gone to the airport, fully intent on going home.
Had the plane crashed?
No, she hadn't yet gotten on the plane. Someone had interrupted her...
A moment of thought brought the memory back. It had been Miles Edgeworth, of course. The only one who could stand up to her... the only one who could shake her fragile ego and ruin her emotional walls...
Franziska sniffed.
She missed her little brother.
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11 November 2008 @ 12:06 am

Hmm...? That's odd...

I wonder why it sounds like i'm talking into a microphone...
Oh gosh!! berkie!! Where are you? I'm so lost in this big...drab world...
What will I do!!

[Looks around frantically and rubs her hands threw her hair, letting it down.]

Well I suppose I should probably start looking for someone who can help me.

Is anyone there?

[Happens to notice the cute chubby looking thing floating behind her]

kyyyaaaaaaaaa!! How adorable!

[A large thump is heard as the recording slams to a stop]
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10 November 2008 @ 10:12 pm
Hey! What's that!? It looks like an egg...but it's got wings, ears and a tail. It's not some new guardian character is it?

Wait a second...what the heck is this place!? I was just at school on the way to a guardian meeting and now I'm here? Why is it so dark here? I don't like it.

Okay, okay. I must have hit my head and now I'm asleep. Right? That's got to be it.
10 November 2008 @ 06:58 pm
[Verbal Post ahoy! Let me know if I'm doing this wrong!]

I don't know where I am, or what's going on. Apparently, this place is called Marillian Spyre, and I have some sort of bank account here.
I'm talking to a weird pork bun-shaped thing, about the size of a small kooshball. It has bat wings and one purple eye, and it seems to like following me around.

There's no sign of my Master, Walter, Sir Integra, or even Captain Bernadette.

...I want to go home.

((OOC: Her golem's eye is purple because hers change between red and blue depending on her level of psychosis, so I just combined the two and made 'em purple on the golem for simplicity's sake.))

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10 November 2008 @ 03:48 pm
This place is so drab, honestly. William, if this is some sort of joke, it's in terribly bad taste. Not like you'd know a joke if it bit you in the--

Well, anyway! A lady mustn't speak so crudely~ I--

[the writing trails off and the entry switches, accidentally, to a voice post][there is a small crash in the background]


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10 November 2008 @ 05:41 pm
[Lightweight's recording device clicks on.]

"Recording? Like, copying what I say?"

[Lightweight rubs against Toph with a nod.]

"Sweet. So, uh, yeah. [cough] I sound good? Hey, this is Toph Bei Fong, the illustrious Rebel Bandit Runaway and I'm, uh, I'm here in a reeeeeeally big cave called Marillian Spyre or something. Don't really know how I got here, but I've got this little golem thing, Lightweight showing me around, so I guess I'll figure the rest out myself. [She scoots her foot mildly around in the dirt.] I can't feel Sokka, Aang or Katara though. That's gonna be a problem. Nothing feels the same though, so maybe they aren't here. I'll have to check around a bit. Definitely going to check out this bank and see who left me some money.

"I'll be using Lightweight here to keep track of my exploits. She's pretty cool so far. Sokka's gonna be jealous if he ever finds out I got a sweet toy first.

"Till next time, Toph out."[Lightweight ends the session.]
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