Koushiro Izumi (pineapplegenius) wrote in citywithnosky,
Koushiro Izumi


So, it seems like I'm not in the Digital World....

Or at home.

So where is this place? From what I've read in this book, it's the 'Marillian Spyre'. That's not really enough information. I suppose it was nice of them to give me some money, but how do I access it?

More importantly.... [looks up at the Golem floating around his head. It is oval-shaped, pale yellow, with bright black eyes.] I'm assuming this 'Golem' is a nice.... machine? That's sort of what it seems like. I guess it wouldn't be be right to write if off as not being a Digimon yet....

I suppose I should take this journal to mind and search for shelter. Does anyone know what's going on? [walks off, going to look around the area more. The golem follows behind him.]
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