Toph Bei Fong (rebelbandit) wrote in citywithnosky,
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These songs are really annoying...

[click and whirr of the recording device, Toph pops into view on a sharp, but lined image to any poking on Lightweight's broadcast network]

Okay, Lightweight. If I ever find out who wrote these things, I'm going to slam them into a brick wall. It's the same fourteen songs over and over again! Yeesh.

And who's this Santa guy? Sounds a little suspect if you ask me. I mean, I'm all for hand-outs, but the sees you when you're-

[Toph stops, as though stumbling over her feet.]

What the?

[Backing up, she stumbles again.]


[Toph waves her hand about and taps her foot back and forth.]


[A crackle zips across the visual of Lightweight's viewfinder and the image takes on a softer quality.]

Far from home the master of earth, with no warmth to tender her hearth. Until she reaches beyond her heart's walls, no more shall the city hear her foots' falls.

[Toph turns around, half-puzzlement and half-disgust marking her face.]

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