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citywithnosky's Journal

cities with no skies ; a panfandom rpg
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It's a strange looking place. The streets are dusty, and in the momentary quiet, you can hear the millions of light bulbs overhead flickering, fatigued, occasionally sparking with blue from the orange glows; it's unusual. Surreal. Light bulbs shouldn't be flickering and sparking blue. Come to think of it, there shouldn't be so many light bulbs having above your head in the first place.

There's no haze of disorientation, no rush of pain in your forehead. Everything felt absolutely normal - not at all as though you'd just been taken from wherever it was you'd been to a different world. A world that seemed to have no sky - just darkness. You glance up, and you keep looking up. The sparks continue, and you don't even realise that only seconds have passed. All of a sudden, the city around your wakes. The rush of noise brings you back to this new reality, and you reel slightly as a dull pain starts to pound in the back of your head. Wincing, you think to move for the first time, looking over your shoulder at the weakly trickling fountain behind you.

As the pain recedes, you become more aware of your surroundings. The buildings of this city are some of the most haphazard you've ever seen, some tall, some tilted to one side, some made of brick and some of wood. People bustle past without so much as giving you a second glance. You see things glint around you, and your eyes follow the movements. Little creatures, made of metal, follow people around, some trailing above their masters' heads, some meandering through the crowded skies. They're all similar in build, round and winged, some with tails, some with ears, all with large, round eyes like gemstones - but there's something unique about them all, whether it was a small piece of red cloth tied around their tails or the chip on one of their wings.

Before long, you realise that there's a leather bound book to your right. Without thinking, as if your body just moves automatically, you pick it up, and immediately, more of those blue sparks explode around your fingers, and the book flips itself open in your lap, words appearing on the page before your very eyes.

"Welcome to Marillian Spyre. All newcomers are encouraged to get acquainted with their golems and learn their identification numbers. It is advisable that you find somewhere to stay as soon as possible, and you will find a sum of four hundred credits in your new bank account. Have a good day.”

Welcome to the underground city.

The city with no sky.

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